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To ensure all developed functionality works as intended, tests have been implemented.

Substrate Test

Mock Runtime

Pallet test depend on substrate Runtime. To be able to run these pallet test, first we must construct a mock Runtime environment. Mocks for runtime are constructed for each pallet separately and are located in their respective /src/ folder.

Writing tests

Tests are functions, annotated with the #[test] macro. To test specific functionality, we use assert macros to match our expectations with the expected result. There are already several predefine assert macros such as:

  • assert_eq!
  • assert_ok!
  • assert_noop!

For more information on how to create tests, refer to the following link.

Run tests

To run test each pallet, simply navigate to the pallets folder in the universal-dot-node repository and run the following command:

cargo test

To run benchmark tests for each pallet, simply run at pallet root:

cargo test --features runtime-benchmarks

Cypress Testing