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Profile is essential part of the application. Profile is used to create your onchain identity.

The Profile is used to enrich the AccountID information with user specific metadata such as personal interests, name, reputation, etc. Each User can create a single user profile per AccountID.

By creating a profile, you are broadcasting to the network your self-assigned username and interests.

Anyone is allowed to create a profile.



Before creating a profile, first you must create your own set of keys.

The public/private key pair is how you authenticate your identity with the application. For more information on how to generate your keys, please refer to our wallet section.

We recommend the use of the polkadot.js chrome extension which automatically loads your keys into the application. An example of how your keys look like within the application is shown below.


How To Create A Profile...

To create a profile is very straightforward.

Just navigate to the Profile tab in the Menu bar and fill out your details.

You need to fill in some basic information such as:

  • Username: The name under which you want to be known. (can be pseudonymous)
  • Interests: Things you enjoy doing. Your interests will be used to recommend tasks and organizations to you.
  • Availability: The amount of hours you are available per week.
  • Other Information: Any other information you would want to share.

After writing your information, click on Create Profile button. You should receive a notification that your profile has been successfully created.

Profile Creation

How to update a profile

When you want to update your profile, simply navigate back to your profile page and input the new information. Once you are done editing, click the Save Changes button as shown below.


How to delete a profile

To delete your profile and all its associated data, just click on the Delete Profile button.


Profile Reputation

To ensure that every user acts with integrity, the system keeps track of reputation. Reputation is rewarded each time user contributes to a task, organization. Reputation is taken away when the user negatively contributes to previously established contracts.

The following formula is used to calculate profile reputation when interacting with tasks.


where Reputation(sj) - the assessed reputation of sj as calculated by the service consumer and Cr(x) is the credibility of the service rater x as viewed by the service consumer.

The credibility of a service rater lies in the interval [0,1] with 0 identifying a dishonest rater and 1 an honest one.


Data Model of a Profile

AccountIDPrimary ID for a profile. One profile per AccountIDPub keyAutomatic
UsernamePersonal description of profileStringManual, Mandatory
InterestsPersonal interests of the user. Can incorporate skills, preferences, etc.Array of StringsManual, Mandatory
ReputationScore of points that the User has earnedNumberAutomatic
BalanceCryptocurrency balance in the native chain coinNumberAutomatic
PortfolioUser can showcase personal portfolio, additional description, etcString (may contain list of IPFS documents)Manual, Optional
AvailabilityHours per week the User is AvailableNumber (approx. Or list of 10hr,20hr,30hr)Manual, Mandatory
Profile HistoryPrevious work history of the UserArray of TasksAutomatic