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Organizations organize people with a common Vision to work on projects. The Organizations works as an extension to the Task module since it enables the creation of large projects which collect many tasks.

A visionary user is able to propose a Vision for the future. Within the vision, a specified Roadmap is created that is broken down into tasks. Thus a Organization is a collection of tasks who are undertaken by people that believe in the vision of the Founder.

Users support a Vision by signing a vision document. Signing a vision document enables users to be added to a Organization where they will be able to create/fulfill tasks in support of the overall vision.

For completion of tasks, users are rewarded tokens and increased reputation.


Organization Actions

Within an organization, the following actions can be performed:

  • Create Vision
  • Remove Vision
  • Create Organization
  • Remove Organization
  • Add member
  • Remove members
  • Add task
  • Remove task

How To Create An Organization (DAO)

To create your own DAO navigate to the Organization tab in the menu and then click on My organization and then Organizations. On the right top corner on the new page you will find a button Create Organizations.

Clicking on Create organization open a modal dialog where you can fill out organizational details.


Managing your organization

Once your organization is created, you can perform the following actions:

  • Update: Change the basic information related ro your organization
  • Transfer Ownership: Transfer the organization to another user
  • Dissolve: Dissolve the organization once the vision has been fulfilled.


Data Model of a Organization

IDUnique identifier for an organizationUUID or similarAutomatic
NameThe name of the organizationStringManual, Mandatory
DescriptionBasic description regarding the organization, industry, and goalsStringManual, Optional
OwnerThe account that owns the organization. The initial owner is the founder. Ownership should be able to be transferred to other accounts.Account IDAutomatic, Mandatory
VisionDocument that describes company VisionString (Hash to IPFS Document)Manual, Mandatory
MembersMembers that belong to an organizationArray of AccountIDManual, Mandatory
TasksTasks that belong to a certain OrganizationArray of TaskIDManual, Mandatory
ApplicantsUsers that have applied to join to a certain organizationArray of AccountIDAutomatic
CreatedThe date when the organization was createdDateTime, BlockAutomatic
LastUpdatedThe date when the organization had an updateDateTime, BlockAutomatic
PropertiesCustom collection of properties that can be added.An array of ObjectsManual, Optional