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UDOT can be stored on plethora of wallets.

Wallet NameDevelopment StateTeam NameDescriptionCustodySupports
Parity SignerLiveParityiOS and AndroidNon-custodialStaking
Polkadot-js DesktopLiveParityWin, Mac, LinuxNon-custodialStaking
Polkadot-js extensionLiveParityBrowser extensionNon-custodialStaking

Polkadot Extension

The most convenient way to start using the application is to install the polkadot.js extension. The extension allows you to sign transactions on the UDOT blockchain.

You can install the extension through your favorite web browser:

After the Polkadot extension is installed, create (or import) your account and then you can sign in on the web dapp (decentralized application) by visiting this link. To use the dapp, you will need UDOT tokens.

For more information regarding the Polkadot extension, navigate to their official website

Other Supported Wallets

Below you can find the official lists of wallets we support.

  • Wallet 1
  • Wallet 2