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The UDOT Application exists and can be deployed in two version.

Full Node

A Full Node contains all application components in a single node locally.

As such it contains the following:

  • Substrate Node
  • IPFS Cluster
  • IPFS Node
  • Tensorflow Serving
  • dApp Front-end Application

All these components are deployed locally, and connect to external full nodes.

To install a Full Node, please follow these instructions.

Light Node

A Light Node contains only essential components locally.

These include:

  • IPFS Node
  • dApp Front-end Application

The Light Node connect with external Full nodes via REST to enable additional functionality.

To install a Light Node, please follow these instructions.


We also provide deployment of a blockchain Node via Ansible.

For instructions on how to install and setup Ansible playbook, please refer to our Ansible Github repository.