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What is UDOT?

UDOT is the native token for the decentralized application.

Where can I buy UDOT?

Please refer to the Buying UDOT section for exchanges where you can buy UDOT and wallets where you can store your UDOT tokens.

What can I do with UDOT?

The main UDOT use cases for UDOT are the following:

  • to make payments for Tasks created in the application.
  • to stake with validators that secure the networks.
  • to pay transactions fees when storing information on blockchain storage.
  • to fund project proposals from Treasury Account.

How to create a Profile?

For detailed guide on how to create a profile, please refer to the Profile page.

How to join Organizations?

For detailed guide on how to join or create your own organizations, please refer to the Organizaiton page.

How to stake my UDOT?

Explore detailed steps on how to stake your UDOT at the Node section.