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Users can interact with one another through Tasks.

There are two types of Users who can interact with tasks. We call them Initiators and Volunteers.

  • Initiators are people who have the permission to Create Tasks.
  • Volunteers are people who have the permission to Complete Tasks.

Anybody can become an Initiator or Volunteer. In other words, one doesn’t need permission to become an Initiator or Volunteer.


How To Create a Task

To create Task is navigate to the Organization tab in the Menu and then select Tasks in the sub-menu. From there just click the Create Task button.

When Tasks are created, there is some associated metadata that shall be defined. This includes the following:

  • Title - The title of the task
  • Specification - Detailed specification of what is needed for the task.
  • Budget - Assigned budget to the task. Once the task is created, the budget fund are reserved into an escrow which is released upon task completion.
  • Deadline - The specified time until which the task should be completed.
  • Attachments - Optional attachments and files that further help define the task.
  • Keywords - Keywords that summarized the task in few words.

See below the window used to create a task.


How to Start A Task

To start a task, navigate to the Dashboard menu. There you will see a list of task recommended to you based on your profile information.

Once you find a task that you would like to work on, just click on the top left corner toast icon. This will prompt you for an action to start a task. See image below.


How to Complete A Task

To complete a task, first navigate to your Dashboard. From there, find the task that you wish to complete.

Click on the action to complete a task. After the completion, you should see a notification that the task completion was successful.

Also, the tasks status should turn green with status Completed.


How to Update A Task

To update an already created and existing task, navigate to the Organization tab and then select Tasks from the sub-menu.

In the list of tasks, find the task you wish to update and click the Update task action. See image below as an example.


How to Remove A Task

To remove an already existing task, navigate to the Organization tab and then select the Tasks item from the sub-menu.

In the list of tasks, find the task you wish to remove and click the Remove task acton. See image below as an example.


Data Model of a Task

TaskIDUnique Identifier for each taskHashAutomatic
TitleTask Title that describes the taskStringManual, Mandatory
RequirementsDefinition that specifies the requirements of the taskString (RichTextEditor?: JSON-Strigify)Manual, Mandatory
BudgetThe budget for a taskNumberManual, Mandatory
DeadlineExpected end time for the taskDatetimeManual, Mandatory
AttachmentsAdditional information that is relevant to a task.File (Referenced by IPFS Hash)Manual, Optional
KeywordsFew words used to filter the task (mainly used for the recommendation)Array of StringsManual, Optional
FeedbackComments that are added to the task. Intermediary steps of communication between the initiator and volunteerStringManual, Optional
Initiator?The User who created the taskAccoundIDAutomatic
Volunteer?The User who Volunteered for the taskAccountIDAutomatic
CurrentOwnerThe user who currently is working on the task and thus has ownership of it.AccountIDAutomatic
RelatedGroup of tasks that are related to the current task.List of TasksManual
StatusThe current status of the taskEnum [Created, InProgress, Closed] To be expanded?Automatic
CreatedThe time the task was createdDateTimeAutomatic
LastUpdatedTime when the task has been updatedDateTimeAutomatic
CompletedTime when the task was completedDateTimeAutomatic