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UniversalDot Foundation


UniversalDot Foundation is focused on creating applications for the decentralized internet. Our mission is to enable freedom for each individual to create their own vision of the future. We believe that such a mission can be enabled through the creation of decentralized applications and infrastructure. The aim of these technologies is to enable a post-computing civilization in which each individual is empowered with certain unalienable and universal rights. These universal rights could be described but not limited to the following:

  • Personal Identity: the right to create one's own identity.
  • Universal Income: the right to income for one's talents and skills.
  • Free Association: the right to organize and belong to any group or organization.


The Foundation was founded on 23/08/2021 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Since its inception, the evolution of the foundation can be best described through several milestones.


  • Establishment of the foundation with an initial online presence and branding resources.
  • Relocating the office to the center of Eindhoven.


  • Rewarded grant by the WEB3 Foundation to build initial MVP for a decentralized freelancing application.
  • Architected, designed, and implemented the MVP for the application using the Substrate blockchain framework.


  • Rewarded grant by Filecoin Foundation to integrate with IPFS decentralized storage.
  • Relocated the office to Tallinn, Estonia and became incorporate under the name UNIVERSALDOT OÜ.


  • Continued development of additional features for the application.
  • Focus on business developing and planning an initial go-live.